Based out of Georgia. Ready to explore.

 Believer. Writer. Dreamer. Laugher. Crier. Light chaser. 

I'm the mother of two girls who have taught me more about the human capacity for love than I ever thought possible. They continually inspire me to be kinder + better than the day before. If it weren't for them, my story may have ended before it really even began; this is all for them. 

I'm also a recent graduate of Augusta University + proud to say that I'm still learning every single day. I have a degree in creative writing + get to spend my 9-5 telling the story of my city as a destination marketer (come visit!).

I've found that there's an amazing cross-section of storytelling between photographs and words which allows one art to inform the other. I strive to find the honesty + vulnerability in both.

I've learned to find the beauty in all stories. I would love to help you tell yours.